​​​​​​​​​EMERGENCY APPEAL: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Please support health workers on the front lines.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is right at the centre of combatting COVID-19 in Victoria. For weeks, we’ve been doing everything possible to prepare for and fight COVID-19, now a global pandemic.

​​​​​​​As you know, for most people, COVID-19 will cause flu-like symptoms. But people who are older or who have an existing health problem are at far greater risk.

This is an unprecedented challenge for our health system, hospitals, doctors and nurses.

We are one of five global WHO Collaborating Centres for Research on Influenza, and also operate the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Lab (VIDRL). We already have special equipment, isolation units and research facilities. We’re working with international partners on a vaccine. It’s likely to take a year or more to develop.

In the meantime, we’re treating more patients in the hospital and in the community and we need your support. At times of national emergency, we all need to pull together. 

​​​​​​​Please send a gift to help fight COVID-19.


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The Royal Melbourne Hospital urgently needs a new digital system to deliver fast, accurate blood test results.

The new system will offer better analysis, the chance to get a second opinion at the touch of a button, and will reduce the chance of samples being lost or damaged.

When someone is as sick as Chris, every second counts when it comes to getting answers.